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Style Guide


YOUR Guide to the most Popular & profitable Photography style

What the Light & Airy Style is, what it isn’t.
Color tones that work, which to avoid. 
We’ll tackle the myths and common mistakes beginner photographers make.
Explore the differences in design between Light & Airy and other styles of photography. 

In this quick-paced mini-series, we’ll cover:

(Spoiler: It’s not just the color toning, like most teachers teach!)

Totally Free. Even Gluten Free. 

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Hey there! I’m Chelsea Nicole!

I'm sharing all I know with you because I struggled for a long time, not knowing how to break through the proverbial “Budget Barrier”. All I knew was that I loved taking photos. 

But love didn’t pay the bills! 

After interning with a professional photographer team, I saw exactly what I’d do differently. I quickly turned my guilty pleasure into a consistent, easy 6-figure money maker. This allowed me to skip the cubicle (and the boss!) and do the work that heals me rather than drains me. 

My mission is to help you live your own dream life by giving you the tools to create, market and master the ART that’s within you!


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